Kyle Gulau 

Kalamazoo, MI

Me in 10 mins

It all began with my first job. I wanted to stay in Kalamazoo after graduating from Western and I needed a job. So I got a job at a small start up and went on to buy a bunch of buildings. 

Get job, buy buildings. That’s the two second version. If only it was that easy. 

When I got that first job, my mission was to be able to pay my bills and stay in the area. 

Quick side note: I consider myself one of the lucky ones. A lot of my classmates had to move away for a job. Just imagine a Kalamazoo where we’re able to keep all of those awesome, smart people here!

That first job opened my eyes to, “start up life”. A small company of about fifteen people was building software and gaining customers like crazy. I was fortunate to start at the ground level and work my way up. 

Everyone talks about their ah-ha! moment. I never had that.  I wasn’t in school thinking about how to build the next Facebook or Instagram. I didn’t start working at a start up and say to myself, “this is the way to do things!” If anything, I learned this is how to not do things. With some time my perspective grew, it morphed, and it evolved into realizing, if these guys can do it, I can do it too. So six months out of school, I start reaching out to friends from school and we just start bouncing ideas off each other. Eventually, I owned some share in seven different companies. And they all failed. 

In the midst of my moonlighting, my day job was looking to move the office into downtown Kalamazoo. I was tasked with helping manage the project which gave me the exposure to commercial real estate. That super high level experience was just enough of a taste for me to realize there was a lot of opportunity both in the community and for me personally. Coincidentally, I was also considering buying a house in the suburbs at the time.

And then everything collided. Rather than buying or building a house in the suburbs, I mused, why don’t I try to turn an abandoned building into my home? I could leverage my startup experience both from my day job and my personal experience to create a startup development company. 

And that’s where I am. Trying to do awesome things in Kalamazoo. Check out what I’m up to now.